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Demsa Holding A.Ş., taking firm steps forward by signing successful works in every sector in which it operates, with its experienced and educated staff, on the way to become one of the largest, successful and innovative leading companies in Turkey and Europe. , our chairman of the board, Dr. It was founded by Architect Hüseyin DEMİR.

Our Company, which started its commercial activities in 2000 by working especially in the fields of transportation, tourism and security with well-established holdings, is among the pioneers of change and development in the world, with its belief that its employees are the most valuable asset, experienced and educated manpower, innovative and continuous development approach. Today, it carries out commercial activities in numerous countries in 7 continents, especially in Europe, and has reached the level of holding by continuing to serve its customers in the fields of real estate, construction, logistics, fuel, financial services, tourism, VIP security and consultancy services.

Our holding resolutely maintains its understanding of providing products and services above international quality and standards that go beyond the needs and expectations of our customers in all sectors in which it operates. It has the motto that carries its strong and healthy growth potential forward by closely following local and global developments.
Our holding will continue to take steps that attach importance to branding in the business areas in which it invests, to be the pioneer of development and innovation, to create value for all its stakeholders by constantly improving this principle, and to take steps that continuously increase and develop its contribution to the country's economy and employment.