Petrol and Energy Services

Demsa Enegy

As Demsa Fuel and Energy;

In our fuel station construction service, Demsa Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors, who has signed the design of numerous fuel stations of distribution companies such as Opet, Petrol Ofisi, Total, Shell, BP Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and the construction of the stations from the complete license stage to the end. With Demsa Fuel and Energy, which is part of Demsa Holding, led by Architect Hüseyin Demir;

We produce solutions for the demands and requests of all fuel distribution companies, and establish high-security, new generation fuel stations in accordance with international standards. At the same time, we carry out all the work and transactions of new generation fuel stations from A to Z, and offer turnkey fuel station installation service.

Fuel station In our infrastructure service;

It establishes or renews the infrastructure services of the fuel station in line with legal regulations and meticulous architecture. Submersible pumps, tank wells, safety equipment, pumps, leak detection systems, weak current, strong current required for electrical infrastructure, lighting, generator and fuel station field concrete, fuel station green area improvement, panel requiring high meticulousness and quality workmanship. and orientation etc. We carry out all operations with great devotion, in accordance with legal regulations, by observing international standards and new developments, with the prerequisite of meticulous architecture and quality workmanship.

In our service of Fuel Station, Market and Administrative Building Installation;

Within the framework of our new generation fuel stations installation service, we make the fuel station a unique structure by constructing the administrative building, dressing the administrative building, interior design of the market, sinks and, if necessary, commercial structures such as restaurants and cafes, together with a unique architecture.


In our canopy, steel construction and vault installation service;

With high quality materials, meticulous workmanship and unique architecture, our experienced staff fulfills all the needs of gas stations in a way that meets high standards.

Ship-based fuel supply is at your service;

Our companies provide necessary fuel oil services to distribution companies, especially on a ship basis, and operate in the field of many fuel stations and wholesale fuels in Turkey.