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Demsa Automotive

Demsa Automotive

As Demsa Automotive, we carry out the official import of numerous luxury vehicle brands. Regardless of where in the world, we deliver the vehicle you want on a turnkey basis.

Demsa automotive to you;

• Having exactly the vehicle you want,
• To be able to buy luxury and quality vehicles that are not available in Turkey,
• Being able to bypass the intermediaries and buy vehicles at a lower cost,
• It allows you to own a vehicle with the features and design you want.

If you cannot find the vehicle you are looking for in Turkey, we complete all legal procedures with our customer-oriented team and deliver your vehicle to your address. Demsa Holding, which imports the most important brands of the world, analyzes all your processes on your behalf and ensures that your vehicle reaches you quickly.

Our service areas;

• Vehicles from leading luxury vehicle brands
We supply all cars, from custom-designed luxury 4X4 vehicle brands to sports and sedans.

• Specially designed luxury vehicles
Specially designed luxury Cars, Trucks, Minibuses, SUVs, Boats, Motorcycles, Caravans.

• Specially designed Ambulances
4x4 vans, buses, etc.

• Fire Rescue, Emergency and Police Vehicles
Special vehicles such as cars, 4x4 minibuses or pickup trucks, fire fighting vehicles, buses.

• Defense and Security tools
Special demand and custom designed vehicles such as heavy-duty 4X4 vehicles, defense and security operations vehicles, 4X4 Heavy-duty Personnel Carrier vehicles, Armored Patrol Vehicles, observation and monitoring vans specially designed for police, special forces, defense forces, VIP security.

• Industrial vehicles

• Electric vehicles