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Demsa Logistic

Demsa logistics, where 20 years of experience meets with Innovation, Solution and Professionalism, continues to turn the conditions in your favor...

Our Import Customs Transactions Services;

• Preliminary legislative work on the goods to be imported,
• G.T.İ.P. detection,
• Cost calculation
• Purchase of Import Licenses,
• Import Customs declaration registration and follow-up of transactions
• Overseas order tracking,
• Transfer and transit operations
• Follow-up of all stages of logistics operations after the order,
• Preliminary permit shipment of commodities subject to pre-approval (Tareks conformity) and obtaining pre-permission permits.
• Making the bill of lading endorsements of the documents (if any),
• Follow-up and finalization of Transit transactions of Specialized Bonded goods
• Warehouse declaration registration and follow-up of transactions
• Import Customs declaration registration and follow-up of transactions
• Registration of customs declaration and follow-up of transactions
• Inspection of bonded goods,
• Keeping the minutes in case of deficiency, damage or error and informing the relevant units,
• Taxes, duties, fees, funds, etc. calculation and deposit.
• Blocked Checks, Guarantees, etc. related to payments. receive.
• Warehouse, overtime, etc. make the payments
• Delivery of the goods whose customs clearance process is completed to the company,
• Electronic Archiving
• Delivery of Documents to Customers
• All kinds of consultancy and logistics services regarding import
Our Export Customs Clearance Services
• Making feasibility studies regarding the goods to be exported,
• Making the exporting company a member of the relevant exporter associations according to the type of goods,
• Issuance of the Export Invoice, G.T.İ.P. detection,
• Receiving the documents of the goods to be exported from the Exporter company
• Health certificate and Control certificate purchases, Chamber of Commerce approval of Foreign Trade Documents such as A.TR, EUR-1, FORM A, Certificate of Origin, consular certification of documents according to the country's situation,
• Arranging the customs declaration of the goods to be exported and completing the export operation procedures,
• Delivery of documents to the shipping company,
• Follow-up of temporary export transactions and their duration,
• Follow-up of Inward Processing, Outward Processing export transactions and their duration,
• Delivery of the prepared documents to the bank and/or the buyer,

Our Transit Customs Clearance Services

As Demsa Logistics;

• From a foreign country to a foreign country,
• From a foreign country to Turkey,
• From Turkey to a foreign country,
• Regarding the transport from an internal customs office to an internal customs office
We ensure that the transit takes place in a healthy and fast manner by executing all transfer routes and official documents required for the international transit of goods during import or export. We ensure the safety of goods in transit, determination of transportation routes and transit routes, fulfillment of national and international commercial conditions, and fast delivery of goods to their destination by completing customs procedures.

Our Warehouse Customs Services

As Demsa Logistics;

We carry out import, export and transit operations in every region of Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and at our Solution Partner warehouses abroad, with our experienced team and high-level equipment, in an extremely fast and safe manner.
We preserve the commodities that are not in free circulation in our warehouses within the framework of the Warehouse regime and the Customs Law, we produce solutions according to the wishes and needs of the companies working with us and offer special services.

Free Zone Customs Transactions Services

As Demsa Logistics;

In order to carry out commercial activities in free zones, our expert and efficient team undertakes to complete all work and transactions related to the process.
Our experienced team, serving in all free zones, is always committed to being by your side in order to benefit from the advantages of free zones at the highest level and to move your trade forward.
Free zone transaction form, all necessary official documents are arranged by Demsa Logistics, and transactions are carried out quickly and safely. Demsa Logistics, which constantly develops itself to offer you fast and safe earnings, saves your time and carries your company forward in international trade and carries out your activities in the free zone in the fastest way.

Bonded Field Goods Transfers Services

As Demsa Logistics;

Transfer of goods in customs warehouses is carried out quickly and completely by our experienced and effective professional team. The necessary documents and approvals during the transfer process are prepared in accordance with the legislation with the difference and privilege of Demsa Logistics, and the transfer of the goods is ensured by performing the transfer transactions in a very short time safely. Our team of experienced and effective professionals, who take the necessary measures against all situations that may occur during the transfer,