Real Estate and Construction

Demsa Real Estate


As Demsa Gayrimenkul, we develop and realize projects that will make your real estates the most valuable.

1. Project Development and Valuation Service
• a. Real Estate Feasibility Analysis Services
• b. Real Estate Portfolio Valuation
• c. Real Estate Consultancy Service
2. Urban Transformation Valuation and Consultancy Service
3. Survey, Project and Consultancy Service
4. Concept Development Consultancy Service
5. Fuel station purchase-sale rental service

Our service guide;

• Financial analysis,
• The market research,
• Feasibility studies,
• Analysis of the most suitable type of real estate for investment (residence, residence, office, plaza, commercial unit, mixed project, etc.),
• Supply-demand balance analysis of the region,
• Customer demand, preferences and trends and purchasing power analysis,
• Target audience analysis,
• Concept identification and development,
• Analysis of the current stock in the region, the project under construction and the planned projects,
• Opportunity, attraction, deficiency, quantity and quality reviews of equivalent investments in the region,
• Demographic structure, socio-economic conjuncture of the region,
• Constructed, ongoing or planned; Examination of large-scale infrastructure - superstructure projects that can support the potential of the region,
• The most effective and efficient usage analysis,
• Swot (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis,
• Estimated supply-demand balance analysis at the end of the investment process,
• Secondary market situations analysis,
• Potential rent, business, etc. analysis of other income,
• We make multi-factor fine calculations such as research, analysis and determination in many subjects and areas such as the development of the Sales / Rental strategy (price determination, marketing scenarios, campaign options, financing and payment alternatives).

Our Service Scope;

• Land and Lands
• Commercial Buildings (Office, office, shop, store, building, site … etc.)
• Residential buildings such as residences, villas, detached houses, vineyards, farmhouses
• Valuation of Mansion, Mansion, Mansion and Historical Real Estate
• Shopping Centers and Markets
• Management and Trade Centers
• Plaza, Business Centers
• Hotel, Holiday Village, Pension etc. such as Accommodation Facilities
• Marinas and Ports
• Fuel Stations
• Health Facilities such as Hospitals, Health Complexes, Polyclinics
• Factories and Production Facilities, Workshops and Workshops
• Valuation of Industrial Sites, Organized Industrial Zones, Integrated Facilities, Factories, Warehouses and Warehouses, Workshop and Workshop
• Structures with Logistics Use
• Recreational facilities
• Recreation areas (Amusement Facilities and Theme Parks, Restaurants, Promenades, Buffets, Religious Facilities, Picnic Areas, Game and Sports areas, Congress and Fair centers)
• Ports, storage and loading facilities
• Mines, sand and quarries, mine sites
• Ship, yacht, quota


Demsa Construction

Our company, which has been in the business life for many years, has international experience, joint ventures and consortia it has established with international companies, and its hardworking, honest, equipped and competent 20-year technical experienced teams in infrastructure and superstructure projects, our companies within Demsa Holding, from A to Z. undertakes all the structures on a turnkey basis.

Our domestic and international services;

• Housing Constructions
• Commercial Projects
• Urban Transformation Services
• Hotel and tourism facilities Constructions
• Treatment systems and treatment plants Constructions
• Military field Constructions
• Hospital Constructions
• School Constructions
• Shopping Center Constructions
• Industrial facilities Constructions
• Construction of cattle, sheep and poultry farms
• Energy facilities Constructions
• Construction in return for flat
• Plan & Project Services
• Contracting
• Rough Construction Works
• Fine Construction Works
• Contracting Services
• Consultancy services

To large fuel companies, especially headquartered in Istanbul;

• Turnkey fuel station installation
• Installation of electrical, sanitary and fuel systems
• Burying underground tanks and making a reinforced concrete tank pool
• Steel construction manufacturing and assembly works of canopy and station buildings
• Field concrete works
• Consultancy services

It also carries out the construction operations of the fuel stations, from the phase of the complete license phase to the completion of the purchase, sale and rental of the stations.