Financial Service

Demsa Finance

Demsa Finance

Demsa Finance carries your financial power even further with its Financial, Investment and Management Consultancy services with its hardworking, disciplined, well-equipped, technically experienced team of 20 years.


In our Financial Consultancy Services;

  • Domestic and international, short and long-term financing
  • Financial analysis and restructuring
  • Resolution of bad loans (Bank Calls)
  • Analysis of loan costs
  • Procurement of project finance loans (grant loans/KOSGEB/KGF/EU Investment Bank)
  • R & D grant supports, technology development (TGV) loans
  • Procurement of tourism investment incentive and operating certificates
  • Term and interest management
  • Currency and interest risk management
  • Mergers and acquisition of foreign partners
  • Restructuring of the institution
  • Domestic and international fund management

In our Investment Consulting Services;

  • Procurement of long-term resources for Company Investments
  • Investment cost and profitability analysis
  • Project financing
  • Preparation of feasibility reports and project evaluation
  • Domestic and international market research
  • Establishing a project partnership
  • Overseas project follow-up for domestic organizations

In our Management Consulting Services;

  • Corporate governance development
  • Determination of corporate organizational structure
  • Creation of corporate culture
  • Supply of human resources needed by the institution
  • Performance evaluation
  • Solving the legal problems of the institution before third parties and institutions
  • Examination and conclusion of all kinds of contracts of the institution
  • Target customer identification and supply
  • Mystery shopper application and customer satisfaction analysis
  • Institutionalization of family businesses
  • Senior management consultancy
  • In-house training consultancy (Marketing, sales, foreign exchange, communication)
  • Reviewing and concluding international sales contracts
  • Examination and conclusion of letters of credit opened in favor of the institution
  • Trademark registration and ISO document supply