Since 2000, he started to work for Darom and Nusnus Holding, especially in Russia, by consulting, cargo, tourism and security. It has carried this success to today with its hard-working, honest, well-equipped team with 20 years of technical experience.

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Our companies started to operate in 2000 especially by providing consultancy, cargo, tourism and security services to Darom and Nusnus Holding the head office of which is located in Moscow, Russia and have become very successful thanks to its honest, knowledgeable, professional technical team with 16-year experience. -Demsa Holding has been successfully offering service in fields of real estate, construction, logistics, fuel-oil, financial services, VIP Security, consultancy and law.


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Demsa Holding Chairman of the Board Investment Specialist Architect Hüseyin Demir, about "Dem Tower Social Responsibility Project"


Demsa Architecture is on Business Channel

We shared our architectural activities in the fuel and energy sector with Gülgün FEYMAN on Business Channel.


Demsa Holding is in Russia!

The fate of Hüseyin Demir, a 17-year-old ready-to-wear designer, changed when he partnered with the brother of Kadoşkin, one of Putin's advisers. Reached 200 sales points in Russia with "Expose and Big Twins" brands... .


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